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USA MedAlert is the premier provider of
Personal Emergency Response (PERs) devices!

  • With the push of a button, you or your loved one will be connected to a highly-trained operator.
  • Our Response Center Operator will contact whatever resources are required.
  • All units include “Fall Detection”
  • No long-term contracts or set-up fees!
  • No need for a land-line, our devices communicate through the cellular network and will work even if you’re not home

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Here For You!

Here For You!

We’ve designed our entire company to serve seniors with excellent, economical service!

“Fall” detection is included with every unit and can be disabled remotely should the need arise.



  • 30-Day No-Risk Trial
  • No, “Long-Term” Contracts
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Local Customer Service


  • Medication Reminders
  • Outside Key Boxes are also available

No Worries!

No Worries!

Summon whatever assistance you require.

Our Specially Trained Response Center Operators will contact a neighbor, relative or the appropriate Emergency Response Agency with a push of the button.

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What If?

What if ?

If the time comes when your device is no longer needed, just return it to USAMedAlert in usable condition and your billing will end at the next cycle!

fall detection devices, fall risk devices

You or your loved one will never be alone.

Save $100's yearly!

One low monthly fee covers all services!*

No long term contracts!

No "Set-up" Fees!

Get the best service anywhere!

Locally owned and operated!


Many are on a fixed budget, for about $1.00 per day, your treasured loved one will have protection 24 hours per day, 7-days a week protection with the push of a button provided by our specially trained USAMedAlert™ Response Center!

Our Response Center staff are specially trained to be patient when dealing with the elderly or impaired. Your loved one will NEVER be alone!!

Getting a victim of a fall or stroke to a hospital quickly can make all the difference in their recovery time. Sometimes, a recent fall or scare puts the money in perspective. Another consideration is the amount of money your USAMedAlert™ can save you compared to assisted living facilities which start at around $1,500 a month.

No one is ever really ready for a medical alert system. The day you’re ready for it is probably the day you’re on the floor and unable to get up – and then it’s too late. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one third of adults who are over the age of 65 fall each year.

The fact is that a USAMedAlert™ is a necessity for anyone wishing to live remain independent who may need help – whether it's for a fall, illness, stroke, fire, noise outside or any other reason.

It makes sense for any senior or family member to think about getting a medical alert system and how it can improve their lives by providing peace of mind and security. But we all fall into patterns of procrastination and sometimes even good intentions don’t receive action.

Families need to discuss any change in the home, but really need to take steps to make sure their loved ones are safe and can remain independent at home. Every day that someone takes to think about ordering their system is another day where there is a risk of something happening.

Most people are resistant to change – this is natural and occurs in every walk of life. The refusal is not really about the medical alert system, but about the changes that aging and illness can bring about.

We’d all like to turn back the clock on aging if we could. But a medical alert system is really a tool to help keep people independent and safe at home. Who could refuse that?

“My kids don’t want me to get one”

Why would children not want their parent to have a service that keeps them safe and independent, with access to emergency personnel at a moment’s notice?

Regrettably, there are some children out there who have their own agendas – mostly financially related. But most senior adults realize they don’t need their children’s permission to do something that is ultimately beneficial for the entire family.

Shopping around is a good thing, especially for an important service like a medical alert system. But just like reason number three, calling around often leads to procrastination and confusion. USAMedAlert™ fees are less than most if not all competitors for better and reliable service.

We encourage those shopping around to set a date to make a decision (today by 5:00 p.m. or tomorrow by noon at the latest, for example) so that they can conduct their research, but ultimately make a decision and get protected – regardless of which service they choose to go with.

Will mom and pop (or aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa) feel comfortable using an emergency alert button?

Some of the elderly may be apprehensive about getting a medical alert system since they feel that the emergency pendant could be uncomfortable for them to wear. Your USAMedAlert™ had a lanyard that has a “break-away” cord so it will not be a choking hazard. They are also water-resistant.

Your USAMedAlert™ will work for everyone!!

As long as your USAMedAlert™ is returned in a reasonable condition, the billing will stop the following month.

If they have family who live near them who check on them daily, the benefits of USAMedAlert™ are invaluable should an emergency occur.

Our response center stores as much medical information as you supply. The local Emergency Medical Responders (EMS) will have this information as they are dispatched to the location where your USAMedAlert™ is activated.

Upon activation, our highly trained operators will attempt to contact the User via 2-way voice. If everything is OK, they will stop there or contact your list of family or friends until someone is contacted. EMS is only dispatched if there is no response or if we are instructed to. We specialize in following our client’s instructions for all activations.

If there is no one nearby to help, make sure there is a way for the EMS to enter the home. We have weather-resistant key boxes that can be mounted outside your home for fast access in the event an emergency should occur. Responding personnel will receive the access code on arrival at the premises.

All USAMedAlert™ devices have built-in fall detection that can be stopped remotely if there are issues. We recommend leaving that fall-detection on under normal circumstances.

If so, this information can be supplied to our operators to EMS is aware while they are responding. Our Response Center will also store the preferred hospital and the name of the medical practitioner. USAMedAlert™ also has Medication Reminders with and without monitoring.

All USAMedAlert™ devices are cellular based so, no landline is necessary. You or your loved one will have protection whether they are at home or away.

USAMedAlert™ debits your checking/savings/credit/debit card, PayPal or VENMO on the 15 th of the month. There are extra fees for credit, debit PayPal billing.

With USAMedAlert™, you will never be charged an initial fee or set-up charges. One monthly fee is all you’ll ever pay.

As always, if you find yourself with any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to call 262 909-3636 or email for fast service!!

Things happen, whether you plan for them or not. Always ask your selected provider what their cancellation policy is to be sure that you won’t get stuck in a long-term contract should an unforeseen event occur. Avoid any companies require a contract. You will never have to pay for your USAMedAlert™ in the event services are no longer required.

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